My name is David, but most everyone I have ever known calls me “Puddy.” Yes, it’s a Seinfeld reference. I am a singer/songwriter hailing from the great Pacific Northwest.
I am addicted to sing-song ditties and tunes that make you think. Some of my favorite stories are about underdogs, redemption, faith, and hope. Maybe that’s why I write songs about them. All I know is these songs have challenged me on how I look at doubt, struggles, God, life, love & renewal. Authenticity is something I have been chasing for a while now I feel it has been become my drug of choice. That is what my songs are about…. 
   	So why did I write and perform? Well, a mentor of mine once said,  “Sometimes the best things in life happen not because we think of what the rewards will be, but only because we choose to follow your hearts.” So with these songs in my heart, I keep singing on, keep singing on, keep singing on. 

Puddy & Rewiring Stars

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